Monday, October 20, 2014

How To Reheat Pizza

When you live on your own, ordering pizza inevitably means leftovers. Of course, many say they love the taste of cold pizza, but I say that's an acquired taste out of necessity.

Want to have warm leftover pizza in minutes?
Put your pizza slices in your toaster oven and TOAST THEM!
I place mine on a sheet of parchment paper (unless you have a pizza stone like in the picture), and set the toaster oven to just over medium toast (5 out of 8 levels of toasting) and they come out toasty hot! It's possible that it may not heat all the way through if you have a really old toaster oven, but I've never had a problem. Then again, I use the rolls royce of toaster ovens: the Breville Smart Oven. Still it's worth a try in yours!

The cheese will melt and get stringy again and may drip if you put it directly on the rack. Personally, I try not to let anything drip to the bottom of my toaster oven, but that's just preference.

I've been using this trick for years now. I hope this helps you enjoy your leftover pizza with less hassle! ENJOY!