Saturday, January 21, 2012

Cheap Shopping Online

Okay, so I'm a real sucker for great deals online. And while I'm perfectly willing to pay the price for a good quality item (my kitchen trash can costed me $80 and I paid $770 for my vacuum cleaner), not everything in your house has to be high priced to get what you need.

One of my favorite online stores is Shipped directly from Hong Kong, it doesn't matter where you live. Shipping is free of charge! That's really good news for the non-US resident who is always struggling with raised shipping charges. And the items are ultra cheap! You can find little gadget goodies from iphone accessories and covers, jewelry and apparel, and little gadgets under $2 (yes, even that is free shipping).

My favorite purchases there? Let me share! hehe.

These little suckers come on a variety of sizes and are super strong and super flat. They are great for posting up your photos on your kitchen fridge without taking away from the photo.

The only thing is... they can break in half easily if they are dropped on a hard floor or snap too violently to another magnet.

If you love doing crafts, this is a great little piece to hide under that little trinket that you want to turn into a fridge magnet. A glue gun and some careful hands should do the trick.

So who said you can't have a little fun for under 2 bucks. Ricky, I know you want to get it. Just give in already!!!

What can I say. I'm anal. I want my screen protector and cover for all my gadgets. I mean, I even wrap my remote controls in saran wrap.

For all you dust-free freaks like me, paying $1.18 for a screen protector and getting a nice case for your iphone is a no-brainer.

There are lots to choose from. This flip top comes in other colors as well (even pink for the girly-girl). They also have ones that flip from the side and wrap around. The iPhone gadget options are pages and pages long. Don't go too crazy! haha.

Okay, so stop judging me! I had to include this one.

A little star wars gadget to add to your collection and establish the star wars geek in you. It comes in red too, so you can have mini-duels in your star wars circles. For $2, cmon, you know you want it!

(And it's great for when you drop your keys in the car in the dark and need to find it under your brake pedal.)

Remember, it's all FREE SHIPPING!!!

Did you find something that you totally love? Tell me what it is!

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